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 Easter Elephants c. 1937

     Easter Elephants c. 1937

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    I gotta tell you, you did a great job, but I’d rather have your dad standing here. Craig, we miss you. You’ve been an important part of all this for a long time, doing a great job. We want your fanny back on the court - and I promise I’ll be nice. Get back here. Good luck.
    — Gregg Popovich, from his sideline interview with Craig Sager, Jr. (via nbaoffseason)
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    I’ll take 30.

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    jessebradberry asked: what's your favorite beer? or what do you like to drink on, in general? I see you baby.


    Honestly I like things that taste like juice and candy. So I’ll drink most neon colored cocktails. 

    Also, my 9 year old nephew is always at my parent’s house back home. And when they’d buy him food for his school lunch it’d be game over because I always fuxx with these.

    No braggies, but I can probably drink 3 in one sitting. (WOMAN O’ UR DREAMZ FLYIN AT CHA.)

    OMG Jessica Williams from TDSWJS answered one of my things from a while back, and I didn’t even know until now. Seriously, I probably sent her this over a year ago. I like to ask famous people that I admire what they like to drink. I also have been known to sip on a Caprisun or two in my day. I should not have called her baby.

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